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welcome to the first ever African American museum in virtual reality


The Brothers Forum has officially partnered up with LGNDAIRY Studios to create the first ever Virtual Reality Exhibit. "Heroes Museum" is a fully functional exhibit will be available to explore in the metaverse. Continuing to build, create, and expand the Brothers Forum expects the full featured exhibit to be available on Oculus Quest, PC Virtual Reality, and all Desktop or Laptop devices this Summer 2023.


your mission begins today!

Somewhere in the Metaverse lies a unknown artifact hiding one of the biggest secrets in todays history. Your mission is guided by the Brothers Forum Headquarters to embark on a journey to find, research, and extract with one of the most secret artifacts unknown to mankind. Are you ready to help us explore the secrets?

Thank you for helping on today's mission, we will contact you on the next expedition shortly! We currently researching what could have caused the ancient artifact to react the way it did. Our team is glad to have you back in one piece! 

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