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The Brothers Forum is a series of bi-weekly meetings that will entail mentorship, success stories, study sessions, professional development, and campus engagement. our vision is to inspire African American males to reveal who they are and empower them to achieve life goals.


Focus Group

The three C’s – (College going, College staying, College graduating)
Engages young men to ignite their own change.
Form lifelong partnerships.
Gives the opportunity to connect with the college
Allows A.A.M. and M.O.C to connect w/others that have similar goals.
Provides opportunities for young men to get together and talk about issues like theirs (bonding).
Discuss what it means to be an A.A.M. /M.O.C. in college.
Opportunity to voice their frustrations and recharge their will to succeed academically.
Allows young men to be vulnerable with each other (Transparency)
Helping our brothers who lag behind (accountability)



Jam Session (peer tutoring)
Bi – Weekly Empowerment Meetings 
Academic Coaching and Advising 
Career Development Training - (Monthly professional development workshops)
Leadership Development 
Student-Athlete Programming **



Cornerstones of Excellence
Facilitation of Pathways
Apply the Law of Addition
Provide support
Leadership Development
Educate students about the college process (e.g. –available resources)


Exposure & Visibility

Transfer Initiatives
Professional Development (e.g. – Career Networking, Internships & etc)
Public Speaking

The Cornerstones of Excellence

Who are you? Know who you are! “To Thine Self Be True!” (Internal)

⦁    Examine your role w/ family, friends, future employers and community regeneration)
⦁    Understanding the weight you’re carrying
⦁    Discuss triumphs and struggles in their journey that has lead them to this point in your life
⦁    Love yourself



Transferable Skills (Internal)

⦁    Intelligence vs. Education
⦁    Emotional Intelligence
⦁    Code Switching - time, place, and context
⦁    Good Ole Grit - Warrior Mentality



Humility (Internal)

⦁    Appearance – Reverse the curser (Visual)
⦁    Set trends rather than follow them
⦁    Professional dress day once per week  


Attitude (Visual)

⦁    Being Gangsta is overrated

⦁    Stop Mad dogging one another and embrace all men of color​​

⦁    Positive Racial Identity (Visual)​

⦁    Stop making excuses (Academic)

Get Educated (Academic) 

⦁    Why student success matters
⦁    Academia 
⦁    What are your grades? Who is your Guidance Counselor? How often have you visited the Guidance Center? How often have you visited the Transfer Center?  Do you know where the Transfer Center is located? Have you ever visited the Transfer Center? Tell me what you know about the Articulation Agreement? Have you completed a CSU Mentor application? Do you know where the Career Center is located? Have you been to the Career Center? Who is the Point of Contact for the Career Center? Do you understand the process of obtaining tutoring assistance?

Outwork everyone (Academic)

⦁    Have high expectations for yourself and those who are in your circle
⦁    Love yourself Control your destiny! (Professional)
⦁    The company YOU keep
⦁    Lifestyle vs Hobby​

⦁    Be Charismatic (Professional)​

⦁    Confidence over Arrogance (Professional)

"the secret sauce"

Meeting 1

Welcome Students & Ice Breaker


Meeting 2



Meeting 3

Know Yourself


Meeting 4



Meeting 5

Positive Racial Identity (visual) “Each night she prayed for blue eyes”


Meeting 6

Social Capital


Meeting 7

Porch Talk


Meeting 8


The Handshake!


Meeting 9

Personal Responsibility


Meeting 10

Insulting language


Meeting 11

Civic Engagement (Voting)


Meeting 12

Where do you stand? (Domestic Violence and Bullying)


Meeting 13

Social Justice


Meeting 14

Digital disrespect


Meeting 15

Keys to success


Meeting 16

Control your destiny


Meeting 17

Understanding consent


Meeting 18

Compare and Contrast


Meeting 19

Transferable Skills


Meeting 20

“Speaking the Lingo”


Meeting 21

Get Educated


Meeting 22

Outwork Everyone and Attitude


Meeting 23



Meeting 24

Emotional literacy


Meeting 25

Growth mindset


Meeting 26 & 27

Teaching students how to college

beyond the laces

Brief History


Nationally, African-American and Latino males are more likely than any other group to be suspended and expelled from school (Fergus & Noguera, 2010). In most American cities, dropout rates for African-American and Latino males are well above 50%, and they’re less likely to enroll or graduate from college than any other group (Schott, 2010). In 2014, the city's schools had a 53 percent four-year graduation rate for its black males, up from 49 percent in 2012. In 2010, a little over three million black & brown students were suspended (pushed out). In addition to this, non – qualifier athletes who look to continue their pathway at the community college tend to fall in the pathway of At – Risk students at the community college due to their lack of support; disconnection to the CC campus; and the race against the athletic clock.

The increase of the grade point average from 2.0 to a 2.5; the mandate to have an A.A. degree before being able to accept an NCAA scholarship; insufficient academic and social guidance; student mentorship continues to perpetuate the lack of success of African American Males and Men of Color in the tertiary system.



The Brothers Forum goal is to increase the grade point averages of student athletes utilizing social, cultural and mentoring strategies that will aide in their successful course completion, basic skills completion/ (A – G requirements) and Degree/Transfer Completion rate for African American Males and Men of Color students by 1-2% annually.

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