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parent faq's

What is the Brothers Forum?

The Brothers Forum is an organization that has partnered with your school district to provide
and inclusive and supportive community where African American males can engage in
transparent social and cultural dialogue that will enhance their understanding of self, develop
their voices and shoulder to shoulder support to help them navigate the academic terrain (i.e. –
teaching them how to college)

How to get your child involved in our program

Our mentorship will occur in our Virtual Village online during the agreed upon times by each site
success team. Please contact your site student success team or visit for
additional information.

Why was my son selected to part of our mentoring program?

Our philosophy is that students are one step closer to academic success when students have
the holistic support of mentor. Having a mentor/role model from the Brothers Forum will offer
your son another adult who will listen to them, facilitate peer engagement and teach them how
to college and provide support for them. We encourage you to speak with your site success
team or visit our website at to gain a better understanding of our
mentorship program.

When and where will your child be meeting with their mentors?

Your son will be meeting with myself and/or one of my staff members every other week during
the day in school or via zoom during after school hours as needed. We also have parent-centric
virtual hours available that you may contact me if your work schedule is inflexible. Our program
offers circle meetings, peer engagement, matched mentors and individual or group

How long is a mentoring session or circle?

Each mentoring session consists of bi – weekly circle sessions roughly about 50 minutes and 10
to 15-minute check-in meetings throughout the school year as needed. We also provide two
parent seminars throughout the year to share what our program is all about and how we can
best support facilitating connecting your child to the resources that are available to help them be
successful in their journey.


What will my child and mentor talk about in the circle sessions or individual conferencing?

Our circles create great conversations that helps students attain critical assets like but not
limited to community service, commitment to their school, honesty, integrity, and conflict
resolution. As the mentoring relationship grows, life experiences and challenges are shared to
provide an appropriate level of confidentiality as well as immediately report anything that could
hurt them or someone else. Click on our initiatives and then view our Cornerstones of
Excellence and example Circle topics.

What if I do not want my child or my child does not want to continue in the program?

Your child’s participation is completely voluntary. If at any time you or your child does not want
to continue, please contact your child counselor. We encourage you and your child to complete
an entire mentor session (10-12 meetings) before a decision is made. Mentoring relationships
take time to grow and develop. Give it as much time as you can before you or your child decides
to not continue.


What if I have questions or concerns about the Circles or Mentoring sessions begin?

You may contact your child’s school counselor or schedule an appointment with myself at any
time you have a question or concern.

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