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sneak peek into the brothers forum vr!

Brothers Forum is now in Virtual Reality! Our world has just been published!

Here is a sneak peak on what is to come in our New Normal.

Actual image in game - published date: 2/4/2021

We have been working hard over the last few weeks to recreate the Brothers Forum in Virtual Reality. A place to have have our daily conversations and hangout in front of each other without feeling so far away. Popular steam game VRChat has accepted our World and is now public for everyone to see worldwide.

Note: You do not need a virtual reality headset to visit our world. If suggested it may require you to view via Laptop or Desktop.

World Updates & Current Features!

1. Live Video Player

We have added a video player in the world so that we can play suggested links from YouTube, Websites, & other site playlists. This way we can have Virtual Interactions, Watch Movies, and new educational videos.

2. Bulletin Board

We are currently adding and tweaking the board to have fresh and new events, flyers, and banners of upcoming events. Now we can promote our events into the Populated game with over Millions of Daily Users.

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