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COACH tries virtual reality...!

We are moments, days, or even hours away from launching the Brother's Forum in Virtual Reality.... shh! We surprised Coach Austin with his very own Virtual World.

Full video will be available on the Brothers Forum official YouTube channel. Thank you for your patience as we build the future.

Coach Rides Sea-Doo in Virtual Reality!

Taking the time to show Coach Austin what true beauty virtual reality has to offer. Hit the beach, ride a Sea-Doo, Swim in the ocean, and more!

Future plans for Brothers Forum VR!

Imagine how big a university is. . . . yes, we are taking it there!

Seeing himself for the very first time!

Coach Austin was surprised. . . . ! There is nothing like seeing the beauty of VR, and also checking out what avatar represents you!

Truely Amazing!

Experiencing true beauty, and appreciating the virtual reality lifestyle.

Taking A Seat!

Coach Austin is getting comfortable in the classroom!

The VR Team!

Coach Austin and the Virtual Reality Team making this possible!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone join us in Virtual Reality. Just a little longer everyone and we should be fully functional for the first launch!

Please >> Click Here << the YouTube channel so you can check out the full video of Coach in Virtual Reality, Thank you so much!

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